Specify one or more proteins for which to plot mouse tissue interactome profiles.
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The mouse tissue interactome explorer is a project of the Foster and Gsponer laboratories at the University of British Columbia.

The interactive web application allows users to explore interactome profiles of seven mouse tissues obtained by PCP-SILAM. Users can specify up to ten proteins for which to plot size exclusion chromatography (SEC) elution profiles across all seven tissues.

A preprint describing the study in depth can be accessed on bioRxiv.

The data underlying the study is available for download at several levels of analysis. Raw proteomic data can be downloaded from the PRIDE repository under the accessions PXD007288 and PXD022309. Processed chromatograms, such as those plotted here, can also be downloaded from the BioStudies database under the accession S-BSST152. Finally, inferred protein-protein interaction networks for each tissue can also be downloaded from BioStudies.

Correspondence should be addressed to Leonard Foster (foster at msl dot ubc dot ca).